Friday, August 6, 2010

sweetie, you're kinda funky!

mixmatchmishmashes! me like jumbles! so here's a cross breed style of girly sweet + rocker funky!

more happening tees! the printed pastel colored neck-flap with polka dots and ribbon is just so cute! perfect for a casual day out with a pair of hotpants in black! funk up the whole look with a pair of military boots! i love military boots 'cus it just gives the whole ass-kicking look, u know what i mean!? now for the bag, grab an oversized one with a huge-mama statement! this "style tote" is right at your face, with big storage to dunk in anything for a whatever-day, and ofcors, i'm loving the bold striking green on black!

more super cute tees from blueyjoyce:

the cupcake ones are my personal favorites! and oh i found these adorable little cupcake necklaces to match the top too-

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