Monday, September 6, 2010

Dig of the day : Multi-colored Block Skirt!

dig of the day: multi-colored block skirt from trendy confession @ RM59!

omg so pretty!

lovin' these multi-colored block skirts cus colors are like magic! here's how colors can define your style and mood!

going sweet and girly with these pastel colors! the baby doll top with frills and bow at the front is just too cute! give it a dash of sunshine with a yellow messenger bag, and my fav match of the outfit - no concept ballerina flats from matching misfits with cute random non-identical prints!

candy pastel's not for you? go on a black and white classic look! just the right outfit for a formal dinner date! the bustier corset is just oh-so-sexy, and the chanel inspired flap bag goes just in the right place. lastly, slip on a pair of heels that no one can ignore - and this bondage multi-strap one is a sure attention getter yo!

and i can't leave my fitting room without a vintage outfit now, can i? go a little down to earth and warm with this totally lovely vintage look! a white graceful chiffon top, a beige tote and a cut-out wedge. beautifully comfy with a taste of yester-years. :)

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