Monday, September 6, 2010

Miss Doodle meets Shortales Bunny!

i met a bunny who thought me that kindness is always fashionable!

meet my new friend, Shortales Bunny!

and he went hippity hop hop hop to the Bunny Sisters! and nop, they're not petkeepers persay, but the sisters that bring you really pretty clothes!

10 things that make the Bunny Sisters happy
1. reading sophie kinsella's books
2. get enough sleep
3. play with our nieces and nephew
4. jalan-jalan cari makan
5. great movies
6. shopping
7. play with the bunnies
8. gossip with friends
9. again read gossip blog
10. watching great korean and japanese series

tee-hee, jalan-jalan cari makan, i super like! don't you wanna know more about these fashionable little furry hoppers already!?

missdoodle: why Shortales Bunny?
Bunny Sisters: we have 2 rabbits at home and we really adore them. before this we never know rabbits can be so tame and behave like a cat. so this love inspired us to name our online shop as Shortales Bunny.

and here's Mong & Tae Kyung!

omg, so cute can melt!

missdoodle: besides the bunnies, who's the brains and muscles behind Shortales Bunny?
Bunny Sisters: Shortales Bunny started on 26 july 2010. we are both sisters and together we started this online shop for our love and passion towards fashion. my lil sister is still studying in her mass comm field while i'm a full time web designer at an advertising agency. so both of us divide works - i will take the pictures and edit the blog/ website while me sister do the copy/ text and provide all the item names.

missdoodle: do you talk to Mong & Tae Kyung? what do you talk about?
Bunny Sisters: yeah, especially when they are naughty! and before i go to work, i'll them to take care of the house. we also ask them to stop poop too much. hehe

missdoodle: what do you do when you have nothing to do?
Bunny Sisters: googling for any updates in the creative industry. learn new skills. bloghopping to get inspired. playings with our bunnies. :)

missdoodle: what's your fav personal style?
Bunny Sisters: pretty to eyes. comfortable to wear all day long. we love to observe how celebrity wear their daily outfit - we love the way how jessica alba dress up - simple yet stylish. and sometimes kristen stewart looks nice too. overall we love clean, neat, smart and stylish style.

my favorite piece - the white floral dress & the gaga-sleeve jacket!

miss doodles: what can we expect from Shortales Bunny in the future?
Bunny Sisters: you can expect more irresistible and delicious collections from Shortales Bunny that will suit for any type of ladies. all you need to do is mix and match them with the right accessories and you will be perfect for any occasions. and that's our aim to let everyone dare to be fashionable and be confidence with the way they dress up.

and here's some of their really chic and unique accessories!

i super like the pinochio one!

with summer wisping away, they've also just updated with their latest collection of really pretty autumn rosses dresses -

they even have a Gallery website! basically Shortales Bunny Official website is to elaborate more details on the latest updates. give tips and etc, while the Shopping gallery is to enable users to browse easily without having to read and scroll too much. how thoughtful!

Shortales Bunny also supports no plastic bag! With purchases of RM85 and above, they're giving away a lovely limited shopping bag!

and there's more promotion in-store! they're having a Raya Promotion which you can't afford to miss!

head on over now to Shortales Bunny and say hi to my new friend, will you? :D

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