Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Harems?

Yes, more harems!

they're such fashion statements, don't you think? are boy they are sure hitting it right with every possible way!

and Black Milk Project is going marshmallow on theirs! lovin' the tie-dye patches!

match it with Emmy Cubic's cute mono cupcake tees! and there's so many really prerrty colors to choose from!

and strap over a feather hippie band from Poppet charm! it can be worn as a bracelet, of even as a headband! definitely a steal at just RM15!

the marshmallow thingie is too loud for you? well, miss doodle always give you variations doesn't she? *winks*. what about going street style then!?

really unique, don't you think? match it with any plain white or black racer back tank top, and a black chunky necklace! effortlessly stylish!

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