Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Snapped! My mid-nite digs!

you've gotta like, stop here. just stop right here. don't go anywhere else, because Eppy Yaya is probably one of the few most happening vintage blogshop around. just check out their sunnies collection that had my jaw dropped! you must head on over now and dig in their really cool vintage stash!

Baby Bedazzled has brought in these totally beautiful bags! check out the symmetrically tattered denim bag that comes with a mini coin pouch! and i'm totally in love with this unique studded bucket cylinder bag! so nice!

button earrings from Oriental Sparkles! if you purchase 2 pairs and above, it's only RM4 per pair! super steal! my little niece will be flipping with happiness if i grab a few pair of these lovelies for her! (and i'll have her exchange them with some bunny kisses! tee-hee)

OMG like super pretty accessories from My Walking Wardrobe! and everything is under RM30! there's more in-store and they're all going faster than you say *click*! so go go go get clickity click click click there now!

ok u know what. here's a little secret that i've never really told anyone before except my closer babes. i used to sneak around in class when i was young during break time or recess when there is no one around - and start writing and scribbling crazy on the chalkboard. becus's. just. so. nice. to. do. so. like, seriously, i dunno why i have this obsession when i was young on chalkboards. and i used to think teachers are like the best profession on earth cus they get to write on chalkboards everyday! well, check out this cute mini chalkboard here from Adora Babble! Cute! with just RM13, they're even throwing in a box of colorful chalks!

here's yet another creative newbie in town! dainty pretty hand-made accessories with really affordable price! too much free time in hand to pent up creativity, she said. *jealous* ! they're giving a 10% discount if you like them in facebook and be a follower in their blogshop! go over to Delirious now and show some love!

i love this mini bucket straw bag with a ribbon bow front! there's quite a number of blogshop selling them earlier, and most of them sell out! if you're one of those (like me) who missed out in getting this really unique straw bag, go grab it now at Ice Bling Bling with free postage!

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