Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red Sizzles!

if your closet is still stuck in a blackhole, well miss doodle says its time to color it over. blackhole as in there're black shirts, black pants, black jackets, black skirts, black tops, black everything. and so it's THE dinner date night - and oh let's see - you've got black dress, and black dress, and dress!

let me say it again, color it over already! don't know where to start? firstly, get your sizzles on with a hot red one!

a beautifully structured toga dress here with a really nice cutting! if you're not so comfy with one-piece hugging dresses, define your waistline with a red waist-belt. this red one here with random hooks and patterns creates just the perfect asymmetrical effect so that the attention is spread out well at the waist area.

hook on a matching red loop earring, and clutch a classy glossy red Prada bag. lastly, a red killer heels to die for with silky smooth material that reeks elegance, yet subtle sweetness with a ribbon bow at the top!

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