Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snapped! Love is in the air!

nothing goes better with a casual day out outfits than a simple vintage-inspired love necklace. check out this one here with carved in flower details from Clothes for Sale.

add on a dash of luxury touch with this Juicy Couture's chunky multiple bangles with a gold heart! Classily girly! only from Iwantbags.

or, add some little lovelies of love to your keys or bags or any other jigglies with a "i love you, paris" keychain from Heart Eco.

what about making a big bold statement of love with this both love shape and wordings all over the pendant!? boldly beautiful! only from Shortales Bunny.

and, if you're looking for more LOVE-ly varieties, Circle Dots has got it all!

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