Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All about Stripes!

stripes stripes stripes! (which i personally believe, made famous by the man, tim burton him quirky self). somehow there's just this whimsical outlook that black and white stripes carry, and i super love it!

so here's how i pair a tube maxi dress with horizontal stripes, underneath a vertical stripe sheer blouse, with a stripe sling bag, everything in black and white! inject some funky accessories, and check out these one of a kind necklaces that literally scream ZOMG, like ZOMG!!!!! super super love it!

these babies are for sure a must-have collection from thebrollies!

or, fancy some playful look? here's something for you:

go effortlessly fun with a plain, striped long singlet-dress, and pair it with black bucket boots! grab a funky cotton tote with a really cool skeleton skull print and candy canes - the text on the santa hat read, "bah, humbag!" ! perfect gift for christmas even! and ofcors, a bracelet that spells KABOOMZ!

now, let's not forget the girlies. i think this striped nautical dress totally hits the sweet-looking style!

nautical themed stripe dress detailed with red linings and puffy denim-colored sleeves. and the detachable brooch is really nice too with the gold pendants and chains. can't leave home without a bucket bag for a girl's shopping spree, and pair it with a chic rugged denim heels, details with little studs!

what about something chic yet casual enough for classes or work?

a similiar nautical design but in jacket with a little back-to-school look! chic it up with a sleek black bandage dress with exposed zipper. for comfort assurance, slip on a striped flats with a dash of luxury from chanel! now, for my favorites - the accessories! a red anchor bracelet, and check out the necklace with a limb - a leg in black maryjanes, socks and a tattoo! like, uber quirky can! gotta have it!

here's more stripey finds:

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