Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miss Doodle says, "I Want Bags!"

every other year, i try to come out with my very ambitious (and very long), "I WANT" list,(albeit the disappointment) *snickers*...!

but then i met Cindy, and she made my life a whole lot easier, cus she down-sized my list to just I WANT BAGS!

10 things that make Cindy happy:
1. shopping for bags
2. SHOPPING for more BAGS!
3. travelling! major passion for me
4. indulging in culinary delights. i love food minus the points ofcourse :S
5. a lazy sunday afternoon just lazing around
6. a dose of sheldon on big bang theory... the perfect mood lifter!
7. playing with my adorable spaniel - casper :D
8. enjoying a long soothing massage & zZzZzz ....
9. songs by lifehouse, james morrison, kt tunstall... not exactly upbeat songs buy major >3!
10. a happy customer = a happy me!

and here's a simple girl with an obsession. a dreamer, bubbly, loud at times, a hopeless romantic, love all things beautiful... hi! my name is Cindy :)

and all Cindy wants, is for your to repeat after her 3 times (no more, no less) - here we go : I WANT BAGS. I WANT BAGS. I WANT BAGS.

very good *clap clap!*

okay besides digging into iwantbag's treasure chest, miss doodle is gonna dig into Cindy's wishlist too *kepo oni-lah* -

Cindy's top 3 wishlist:
1. a Balenciaga giant city
2. santorini holiday
3. a shiny white audi TT with black tinted windows
(oh, a girl can dream ...)

miss doodle: tell us more!
Miss Cindy: this sounds cliche but it has always been a dream for me to start my own biz... + I LOVE BAGS! i can spot a gorgeous piece of designer handbag from a mile away. some say it's a gift, my bf says it's a curse (especially for me, soft spot for bags + a deflating bank acc = NOT GOOD!). i used to work a 9-5 job (more like round the clock job), spend 3 hours on the road daily. i got tired of it & decided to turn my love for designer handbags into a possible career choice : mixing business with pleasure ain't a bad thing after all :) so tadah! i want bags was founded, almost 2 years on & going full steam ahead! :D to some, running an online biz seem like the easy way out, but trust me i say that i sleep alot less now compared to when i was working 9-5 jobs. it wasn't easy but i have to regrets so far.

miss doodle: how many handbags do you personally own? and i'm curious on your favorite pic!
Miss Cindy: haha, not as many as i would like :S ... my favorite handbag? oh man... miss doodle, this is a tough tough question! it's a mile long list! i'm eyeing *more like wishing for*, a balenciaga giant city... so it's my current favourite! :D

miss doodle: what do you think is your unique selling point for iwantbags?
Miss Cindy: cos it's run by me! *hahahah prasan me... blush*. firstly, i would say it's our customer service. to me, customers are kings! i'll always try my best to cater to all their needs & make them feel importance to me. (now we have a Live Chat feature on our site in order to serve you better, if you see me online, drop by and say hi! ...promise i won't bite).

our bags are money back guaranteed authentic & we have a wide range of bags to choose from! most importantly is that out prices are highly competitive. why pay retail prices when shopping with us is like mega sale carnival 24/7?

these beauties from miumiu are like, oozing with oomph! my fav' picks!

i love marc jacobs for their whimsical designs!

pretty colors from burberry

iwantbags even have a page teaching you how to determine the authenticity of a signature coach bag , and i thought that it's really a cool piece of info we could use! *click here*

check out the stocks! i wanna have it all! *faints*!!!! (how do you survive being surrounded with designer bags 24/7? like, i would probably first burn my wallet, then hyperventilate and die with a prada tote in my arms)

miss doodle: what do you do when you have nothing to do?
Miss Cindy: "nothing to do" is hardly a phrase in my vocabulary these days. behind the biz is hours and hours of hard work, even on weekends.. haha... running my own online business means having no excuse not to work hard! 'cus no work = no $$$ = no bags! *horror*

and and and oh, my favs! they have the juiciest accessories from juicy couture!

miss doodle: is there any funny or weird experiences you had running iwantbags?
Miss Cindy: i adore genuine leather bags. a couple of months back, i was shopping in Florence when i stumbled upon this cute little cart selling the most gorgeous lambskin leather bucket bags! i just couldn't resist and got one for myself. now at the end of mu buying trip, i was browsing bags at the Mulberry store at Heathrow airport. i left my new lambskin leather bag on the sofa while i went browsing. an elderly couple walked in, grabbed my bag off the sofa and having inspected it, commented to her partner how lovely my bag was and proceeded to ask the sales lady the price, at a Mulberry store! am i pleased with my purchase? very. :D !

and you all know how much i love randomness right? and so i found this totally random category in iwantbags. guess what. they sell books! pre-loved chic lits for a lazy sunday afternoon for a thrifty price!

miss doodle: what can we expect from iwantbags in the future?
Miss Cindy: you can count on us to bring you the best branded bags, at the best prices off the shelves of retail shops all over europe and america, straight to your doorstep! we hope to cater to a new market segment and offer a larger selection of bags and accessories too! stay tuned to www.iwantbags.net for more fabulously crazy bargains, insane discounts and much more!

and iwantbags sells babg maxazria, betsey johnson, burberry, celine, coach, cole hann, dooney and bourke, etienne aigner, franscesco biasia, furla, guess, juicy couture, kate spade, kenneth cole, lesportsac, liz clairborne, marc jacobs *out of breath dy ... * there's many many more brands so go check it out yourself!

(psst ...they're having this UK spree which i heard it's quite a bang! go clickity-click now there, will ya!?)

shop >> i want bags
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