Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quirkiness are shots of Happiness!

quirkiness are shots of happiness! and you can't go wrong with quirky styles, cus nothing looks right anyway! check out all the contrasting patterns - multicolor polka dots on red with striped thick strap and pockets, matched with a multicolored checkered skirt, and further layered with a striped one leg, polka on the other leggings! like, omg... how else weirder can you get? i love! accessories with an attention grabbing chunky skull necklace in white to stand out amidst of all the color clashing outfit. and the shoes - nothing short of spectacular - check out the edgy pink block cuts on the wedge! lastly, you can't start the party without miss marc! grab yourself this totally cool shapeshifter edition of miss marc tote by marc jacobs, all together with the party bunch - prints of bunnies and kitties and loves and clovers!

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