Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tea Time with some floral sprinkles, anyone?

fancy a good cuppa with a good book coupled with some birds' chirping and soft breeze? gotta dress the occasion as much as indulging in it then!

check out this casual dress! didn't what's the material, but looks like linen to me. slouchy enough to assure comfort, but chic enough at the same time with smoked stretchable waistband. the denim-like treatment is nice! give a perfect match by toting a juicy couture stitch bag - detailed with ribbon stitch on leather trim, so pretty!

and for accessories, i'm totally in love with these 'sunday' collection by the brollies! inspired by a laidback, easy to wear nature with no clasp and no chains. effortless stylish pieces to jazz up a basic outfits!

and lastly, gotta sprinkle some flowers! an english floral hat with lace details - just beautiful touch. slip on a flowery flat pumps with pretty sequins, the perfect final touch!

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