Thursday, November 4, 2010

Denim with Leopard Print Corset Top!

can't take my eyes off this totally hot corset top! the upper breast is denim with suede-like brown tie-string at cleavage area, and lower part is leopard prints! if that don't perk you up for a sexy wild night, i don't know what else does! match it with a black mini skirt with a hint of playfulness detailed layered multi-tiers - like those that you can totally shake your booties! but becareful now, cus leopard prints can get trashy easily, so be sure to slip on some classy heels to avoid being, u know, trashy. o_O ! the dorothy perkins court shoes is a perfect touch of classiness if you don't know where to start - round toes, lace up with subtle mini studs. chunky teardrops necklace for a bold and beautiful approach, and a mini studded clutch. let's get the party roaring already!

more from Modello, are these sexy yet casual tube top, and long enough to even pull off as a dress! i'd reckon the ruffled front is very figure flattering 'cus it hides the tummy area just nice! tee-hee!
what's even better from Modello, are these casual everyday dress tank! they look so heavenly body hugging, it makes you feel like you really can't afford not to have them as a basic necessity in your closet!

besides the cute little sexy layered mini skirt, Vintage Cottage Shop has got some other pretty multi-tier and ruffled frills too!

whoahhhhh i likkkeeee these leggings! check out the stairs one! edgy! Shop Kiss and Tell is having a clearance sale, with the purchase of any 2 items to get free postage!

and so is The E-Boutique! their clearance sale is going for RM25 per item, RM40 for 2! what a steal! get click click click n shop shop shop already girls!

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