Friday, November 5, 2010

Going Sleek with Rompers!

a tube top minimalist romper/ jumpsuit in black detailed with subtle drapes at the front! i love minimalist one-pieces because it gives you more room to go wild on accessories! wrap around a chained skinny belt over for a more defined waistline. grab a striking red bag in contrast of your all black outfit - sexy! loving these studded cowboy ankle boots, a statement pair but not too loud or over exaggerated. and speaking of statement pieces, the chunky necklace is really distinctively unique - it's made of ribbon folded and twisted in silverish white! now, all you've gotta do, is to pose vogue!

here's more jumpsuits from The Summer's Attic - from formal designs to pull off at work to casual and comfy ones for a walk in the park! all stylish with clean, sleek cuts! i like!

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