Tuesday, November 30, 2010

English Formal!

you can't go wrong with these classic english styles, and the corporate world loves it. it gives a hint on unconventional formal work wear, you're surely be branded as the fashionista of the day.

taking on the suggestion emmycubic provided in matching the frilled blouse, all you need is just grab any black ribbon that's long enough to go around your neck for a smart ribbon bow and you'll get yourself a glam-up english look! pair it with a pair of classic checked print pants and a skinny belt - definitely looking the professional part already!

label showroom has got more stylish capri pants in-store for you - all from formal occasions to casual pull-overs!

the finishing touch - nothing will lift up your look better than a pair of round-toe elevated mary-jane pumps!

and the wallet! one word - convenience + style. you know how you're like, lazy to lug along your bag during lunch, or even nearby meetings. this wallet that works as a mini clutch, is just perfect to fit all necessary id/ cards or even your phone for an hour or 2 without having to carry that bag along! and it comes with many other colors from the bags galore :

the love studs has got nice touches of english vintage-ish feel-ly!

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