Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The modernized fairy-tale look!

a chiffon with lace trimming dress in creamy beige - somehow the combination just gives me a very dreamy feel. like, vanilla! (haha dunno why, but it feels like vanilla!) ok so back to dress - love the off-shoulder cutting that adds in a hint of sexiness! glam up the dress even more with feminine touch with this really beautiful waist belt with rossete design. really unique, i'd say, not something you'll see around everyday, ey?

accessorize with this dainty little message in a bottle necklace - dreamy! (like i just said!), like, either you write a love note or your dream or whatever, and snuff it in the little bottle. and the bag, must of course "flow" with the dream - a starry little mini sling with a hint of exotic antique-ness in the design. like a night with a blanket of stars - really pretty!

as for the shoes, let's just keep it simple with a dreamy white plain mary-janes with some added elevated height. all girls need a pair of basic mary-jane pumps in either black or white.

and there you have a modernized fairy-tale princess look!

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