Monday, November 22, 2010

Sheer White Beauty!

with all the christmassy blings going around, this minimalist, immaculate all white tube dress sure caught my attention - and fell in love with it straight after! nothing matches it better with a a long vintage-ish mythical deer necklace, and a pair of thin strappy brown gladiator flats! or, go cultural ethnic and slip on these beautiful bangles details with oriental patterns, and a dainty beaded mini purse! really lovely ethnic pieces that gives an immediate boost of colors to the outfit.

now, how can not have the xmas look! like i said, i love this dress and no, you can't afford to spend xmas without it!

for those of you who are not so keen on wearing tubes, here's a tip - just wrap a scarf over your shoulders! and since it's xmas season, it's easy to just grab a pretty xmas scarf from any malls nearby. effortlessly fashionable! my xmas scarf is red, so it'll match it with a quilted bag with little tassels! and with the red, we can't miss out the green, (xmas color!), but ofcors, we don't wanna end up looking like a xmas tree! so, do it subtly - and this big green emerald ring does just the trick! classy! finish up with a strappy wedge that gives you some height, but comfy enough to last you through the party!

but as you can see, the tube dress is kinda see-through and sheer, and might be a no-no for some, especially when it comes to white. so all-white sheer dresses remain a-very-beautiful-but-i-can't-wear-white outfit. how sad! miss doodle is not gonna get it happen, cus it doesn't have to be that way!

here's some tips on how to wear sheer dresses without giving the public an inadvertent peep show -

1. wear an opaque bra and panties that match your skin tone. otherwise, praise heavens for nude bras and even silicon nipple pads!

these nude bras and nipple pads are skin-soft, natural and 100% re-susable with comfort assured. no more worries on visible bras!

2. choose a sheer dress that hangs loosely about your frame, you don't want visible traces of *ahem* love handles. *wink*

3. slip on inner skirts! opt for plain natural skin tone ones instead of with lacey details that might be traceable - which should be easily bought from any lingerie shops in malls

and i'm not with Real Nut Case just yet! this all-white crochet is BEAUTIFULLLLL with a capital B!

more hot pre-loved dresses from them!

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