Monday, November 22, 2010

meet my friend, Jessica from Ixora!

miss doodle is going pink diva with-
pink tube RM49 | benefit lip gloss RM59 | benefit luster duster RM49 | charm bracelete RM29 | pink butterfly ring RM27 | diva elephant necklace RM27

today, miss doodle is dressing up with mua's personal stylist, Jessica from Ixora, who takes care of your outfit & accessories down to your lip gloss & eyeshadows!

meet my new friend, Jessica!

10 things that make Jessica happy
1. dessert!
2. little children (they are so innocent)
3. pretty stuff
4. make ups
5. when my customers are happy with their stuff
6. going out with good friends
7. shopping
8. holidays
9. people that i love and care for
10. oh did i mention, i love sweet stuff!

and so Ixora sums up Jessica's lovely traits - all things simple, yet lovely

miss doodle: needless to ask, tell me again the unique selling point of your blogshop! (cus i love how minimal it sounds, yet sophisticatedly stylish)
Jessica: we sell simple, pretty and practical stuff :)

pretty well-roundedly summarized, i'd say! from garments to make-ups to shoes, they've got all those in their bag! what's even more awesome, is that they specially bring in imported oversea make-up brands with just a fraction of retail price! i love!

here's their Benefit Cosmetics range *official site here*

from top to bottom:
lip gloss RM59 | realness of concealness RM79 (reduced from RM143) | luster duster RM49 (retail RM70++) | limited edition scene queen RM198 | silky finish lip stick RM55 (retail: RM73)

the prices are making us all thieves-to-be cus they're such STEALS!

and don't let go your breath just yet, cus they've got this totally awesome limited edition Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol III NYC cosmetic kit! like, OMG!

inspired by the glimmering lights and iconic landmarks of new york city, the kit features 16 eyeshadows that go beyond neutrals and brights, including 7 new and exclusive shades. also included are 9 best sellers in a range of sizzling textures - everything from glitter to shimmer to matte!

for just RM250, you bag this uber cool pop-up book with the big apple scene, featuring the iconic NYC landmarks such as the statue of liberty and the yellow taxi cab. like, seriussssslllyyyyyy!? it's a MUST HAVE in your xmas wish list!

*and oops... i get so excited over cosmetics, i forgot Jessica's still here.* tee-hee

miss doodle: is there any weird or funny experiences running Ixora?
Jessica: no weird or funny experiences, but there was once i met a girl for COD, and she gave me some lovely cupcakes. so sweet of her :)

indeed, a sweet treat for a sweet seller! here's some sweet floral picks on dresses:

miss doodle: what can we expect from Ixora in the future?
Jessica: we would love to bring in more stuff from overseas which you can't get from here for our customers. if they have any suggestion as in what they like, they can send in to us.
miss doodle: i think that's like a super awesome service, cus i, for one, hate dealing with currencies and tax and yada yada yada!

here's some lovely imported Diva accessories from australia!

and oh! i love these dainty ones as well! a ribbon ring and ballerina shoes necklace! small but delicate details!

miss doodle: how do you resist owning ot keeping those love cosmetics and clothings to yourself instead of selling them off? i'd be yanking my hair off to resist the temptation of keeping EVERYTHING!
Jessica: well, this is pretty hard cos they are all so love but since my wedding is just around the corner, so i will have to sell them off as i need to save money.

oh wow, am i hearing wedding bells! myself and on behalf of all doodle shoppers, we'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding!

so *ahem*, girls, you know what to do, don't you? our fellow sister here is in need of a little wedding fund blessing, so get on and click click click over to Ixora now and buy buy buy BUY!!!!!

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