Monday, November 8, 2010

Snapped! Stuff i'll bag!

omg check out these totally cool and cute japanese home socks-shoe from Black Milk Project! doing their restocks for the 5th time, these socks are totally a must-buy! perfect for keeping your little footsies warm in style and as a gift!

more beautiful vintage inspired pieces. from Die Heart Fashion, the angel charm and a mini red diary is just too sweet and symbolic. and they have vintage locket necklaces too! not exactly new in the scene, but definitely something for every girl's keep-collection!

Delirious once again wows us with these really adorable charmed bracelets! really nice for xmas pressies, don't you think?

Valerie Creations has got some real cute digs! check out those bunny pocket bags! the black ninja one is seriously killing me cus it's so cute and it's only going for RM15! also, meet Gingy the gingerbread man that can work both for keychain or necklace!

unconventional funky cards from Tristaism! enough said :X !

more from Tristaism, are these really nice, simple and classy stringed bookmarks, detailed with vintage-ish charms. "authentic" is the word from me. i like!

Fresh Laundries is bringing you some really fresh minimalist accessories. my favorite pick - the gold band stack of rings detailed with random flowers and rhinestones! all 3 for just the price of one - RM15!


  1. Hey hey,

    We don't sell any of these, we just feature them. if you'd like to purchase them, click on the link given for each product, and contact the sellers straight in their respective site yea?

    Thanks! :)