Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miss Doodle goes Le Boudoir!

think pink, lucious gold, girly ribbons and diamante, with pretties spice and everything nice! and i have here, miss doodle's version of Le Boudoir look!

but no, i think all those things in Le-Boudoir are not the prettiest. because the prettiest thing in Le-Boudoir, has got to be the brain behind it, Miss Fanny!

10 things that make Miss Fanny happy:
1. outings with the loved ones
2. shopping spree
3. karaoke session
4. desserts
5. bags
6. hello kitty!
7. photography
8. pink
9. white christmas!
10. trips

question: so what can you expect from a pretty lady and the pretty e-store that she runs?
answer: for a start - a really pretty logo!

and Miss Fanny says: im always daydreaming about opening a shop in the future. i wanted to make it like a girl's dressing room in english style. Le Boudoir simply means girl's private room of dressing room. this is how the shop name came from.

on inspiration:
i'm just like any other girls out there, loves shopping/ online shopping. i always wish to own an online store that sells lotsa lovely items that could make us (the girls), happy by getting them. my products are all imported, and from different suppliers. i'll pick some that i think it's lovely or people might be looking for. some of the supplier supplies accessories for international brands such as topshop, H&M, F21, diva, aldo, banana republic, etc.

on passion:
making 3D acrylic japanese nails has always been my interest. so i started thinking about why don't i try to make some money from it? and hence, i started to do some sample designs.

on living out her dream:
one day, coincidently, i get a chance to fulfill my dream. i started ordering and picking stocks, worked on my website, and thought of a name for my shop. this was the hardest part i can say. so i did a mind map.

some really pretty rings from Le Boudoir, with varieties ranging from brans like H&M and banana republic at a really affordable price.

miss doodle: all your collections are so beautifully enticing! what is your price range?
miss fanny: RM10 - RM40 for the 1st collection, depending on the cost and quality
miss doodle: (*psst* ... that's like so affordable for goodies like these that melts your heart!)

miss doodle: do you have a pet?
miss fanny: yes yes yes! he's cute and stupit XD .... his name is boyboy, 7 yrs old this year!

so everybody, meet Boyboy!

a shitzu! aiyo... so cute can die! >_

miss doodle: what's your fav' cartoon character?
miss fanny: hello kitty! hmm... i like to watch the lil lulu show :D

miss doodle: what's your top 3 wish list?
miss fanny: get a car license XD , getting more sales so that i can import more and more lovely stuffs :D , every girl loves my blogshop and happy receiving the items :P

miss doodle: i super love the way you photograph all the lovely products cus they all look so pretty! did you take them yourself!? cannnnnnn i seeeeeeee the guru at work in the studio it itself please please please *puppy eyes*...!
miss fanny: yes i photograph it myself. haha the "studio" is actually a messy room that i rent in somewhere nearby my college. the room is way too messy, so the only place that i can take picture with is my bed. XD the pink polka as the background is actually my hello kitty bed sheet. ooopppssss!

ok i do not know how issit that with that few nick nacks miss fanny have there, can turn up so beautifully captured in all the product snaps! impressive! they say, a true artist can turn anything into a work of art!

and speaking of work of art, here's miss fanny's house specialty in Le Boudoir - 3D japanese acrylic nail art!

i've said it, and i'm gonna say it again - PRETTYYYYYYYYY DOT COM!!!! She provides size chart for fingernails as well, and will even double check for you to ensure optimum fitting if you provide her the sizes of your fingernails. how thoughtful ey?

miss doodle: what can we expect from Le Boudoir in the near future?
miss fanny: selling accessories and custom made fake nails is just the beginning. soon, i'll be bringing in apparels, bags, shoes and anything that i think girls would like to get one.

u know what? i.can't.wait.!!!! i can't wait for Le Boudoir to bring in apparels! repeat after me, *1 , 2, 3* - "i can't wait for Le Boudoir to bring in apparels!" !!!!!

and i'd say, one can't help but feel princessy shopping in Le Boudoir!

so what you waiting for? let's show some love to Le Boudoir and *click click click*

>> shop : Le Boudoir
>> like them : Facebook

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