Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snapped! Valentine's in the Air!

valentine's in the air! sweet sweet sweet! and hence, so are the accessories! strawberry dipped in choc and little cupcakes topped with loves! too cute... way too cute! feast your eyes for more of these good enough to eat accessories at Mini Bite!

adorable drawn-on necklaces from Milky Milk Ville! made from paper clay, they're definitely some artsy find!

and what's valentine's without cupids! check out this beautifully detailed lush necklace with cupid charms, layered charms and red coral beads from Uniquely Moochiku.

"he loves ferrero rocher, and me" ... so shweeetttt! love this customized card from Evangelione! love the fact that the card is actually made with real ferrero rocher wrappers!

oriental goodness meets vintage richness! this custom-made necklace and earring set is gorgeous! floral cabochons and charms and golden-plated brass leaves, all imported from the US for just RM90 (necklace only). head on over to Mom's Little Treasure Box for more lovely finds!

and lastly, for the glorious name of doodling, here's Nothing Doodle's latest card collection for valentine's. love their little poem punch lines - the twisted dark humor never fails to amaze me!
happy valentine's day, she said
with a little gift of love in her hand
happy valentine's day, he said
with a little black rat ,
a string tied around it's neck...

he bought a nice bouquet of rose
but he had forgotten to bring it
cus he was too caught up digging his nose...

super cute and funny lar!

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  1. hey, that's my pretty Tinker earring and necklace!