Monday, January 24, 2011

Snapped! Handmades & Kitschy Finds!

like i've said a gazillion times (or more), i'm a sucker for all handmade crafts! Sakaicentric got it covered! these handmade journals are totally irresistible with a hint of cultural beauty, a sewn-on asian hotchick badge on the cover! pretty pastel colors for fabric cover in polka dots to choose from, ribbon tie with eyelets, hand-binded pages, and even calendar! how original is that ey!? not sure if they provide customized sewn-on names, but if they can do that, it's totally a good buy and perfect as a gift to friends! grab them for $14 for one, and if you purchase 5, you get one for free! *buy buy buy buy*!!!

lovely finds from Nenenebubu! (i like their name hehe)! these are the lovely little things that i'll buy for all my dear sisters! check out the vintage rounded earring with bunny playing with boats *heart melts*... there's like many many many designs in-store, price ranging from RM12 - RM16. do check it out!

and yes, here we have ice-creams, flowers and puppies all rolled in together as earrings! brought to you by Mangel, it's on sale now for only RM5.50 (was RM11)! definitely not your pair of everyday casual earrings, but i like it cus it's just simply quirky and kitschy! but seriously, go daring and take a break from the usual with just RM5.50 for a pair of this!

bangles! i can't go out with bangles 'cus my hands will feel sad and naked haha! Black Milk Project brings you these bangle sets from pretty florals to classic ethnics! Going for only RM27 per set, they're great add-ons to spice up your outfit (and i've seen other blogshops selling them for RM35! *sSshhhhhhh, dont tell them i told you!*)

ok, lastly, are these OMG SUPER TOTALLY COOL canvas totes! Black Milk Project just launched them yesterday night, and i'm already totally late in featuring them! you've probably already seen them featured in other review blogs, but i love the totes too much not to put them up! i've been scrounging high and low for affordable oversized canvas totes that are tough and durable (super plus point if they look cool), to chuck in my books and clothes and nicks and nacks and my cat! kekekeke! and only God knows how many shopping bags i've spoiled and they're NEVER big enough! if it's really as big, tough and durable as they claim, i'm definitely grabbing 'em! RM35 each ... steal!

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