Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miss Doodle goes Lomo!

... psst ... you know how a lomo cam goes "krack krack krack chik chik!".... i super love that sound! keke!

and so, today, miss doodle is digging into Rewind Store's treasure chest of analogue cameras!

if there is anything worth to declare my love for besides drawing & shopping - it is definitely lomography. like, seriously. the beauty of lomography - colorful, unpredictable & totally random - the point and shoot camera with an artistic flair!

and so here, we have Rewind Store, a must-dig for all fans of analogues and travelogues alike, a portal not only where you can purchase lomo gadgety finds, but also a platform to share stories and all the excitement and all the fun together! and here, we have the beauty (and brain) herself from Rewind Store, Ave! *clap clap clap*!!

the bergaya-gaya lomo pic - love the cowboy hat fix!

10 things that make Ave happy:
1. steamboat
2. travel
3. camera
4. film
5. spicy food
6. bags
7. cats
8. ipad
9. shopping spree
10. camera pendant

(i heard ipadddddd *droooOoOols!*)

miss doodle: and so! let's rewind a little on how Rewind Store came about!
miss ave: well, started to love photography because of the influence from friends. the passion slowly grew from digital to analogue. i think we have been loving films camera since the past 3 years and that's how the idea of having Rewind store. it's not only limited to lomos camera, but also refurbished cameras such as rangefinder cameras, TLR cameras, etc. since most of us were born in the digital era, we hope to share the knowledge of films. after all, it is really a fun and healthy hobby!

on top of all those mentioned above, you can 'feed' your camera in Rewind Store as well, as they even have 'food' for your cam, all nicely packed up!

and many many many lomo films for you to feast your appetite on!

miss doodle: in an instant without thinking, what's the 3 things that pops out when i mention "lomography"?
miss ave: weird color, film, fun!
miss doodle: i super agree!

miss doodle: and what would an owner of a shop that have stacks of cool cameras have in her top 3 wishlist?
miss ave: expand Rewind Store :) , backpack europe, IPAD! :P
miss doodle: and they say somehow analogue/ lomo lovers are really just a backpacker at heart, how very true! and ohhhhhhh i heard ipad againnnnn *drooOoOooollllssss*...!!!!

and while most of us worry bout what clothes to fit in the luggage to wear when traveling, Ave worries bout what camera to bring in preparation for a smashing fun time shooting her travelogue when traveling.

miss ave: arghhh... this is the headache part when come to travel. a night before the trip, i'll have headache about bringing which camera since i have a few. but lomo fish eye and superheadz blackbird fly will definitely be in my list with lotsa lotsa FILMSSSS!

well, i must say - what makes a day cooler, is to take the coolest pikchars! and snapping away with an analogue is like, the coolesterest it makes digital boring! one of the reason being, just check out the designs wei!

the Golden Half collection RM190

the Ultra Wide Slim collection RM110

your digital camera got so kalerfulllllll or notttt????

miss doodle: what can we expect from Rewind Store in the near future?
miss ave: refurbished cameras & traveling outing!
miss doodle: traveling outing! i wanna join! *raises both hands and feet!*

miss doodle: any on-going promo?
miss ave: 10% rebate (any item) if you have our namecard from bazaars :) ... and FREE film with any camera purchase online

*slaps forehead*! why? because if only i discovered Rewind Store earlier, i could have bought this (below) with FREE film!

i own the blue one, and i super love the mini-sized polaroids to bits! super highly extremely definitely surely recommended!

miss ave's shoutout to all analogue and lomo lovers out there -
let's spread the LOVE of analogue together!

and yes! let's spread the love! if you've got any travelogue or some smashing snaps and stories to tell, share it with the community at Rewind Store!

now, let's click click click over to Rewind Store so that we can snap snap snap!

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