Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Miss Doodle hearts handbag hooks!

what are handbag hooks, you asked? well, this little accessory is used to hold your handbag when you are dining, having a cuppa, or just chilling out with a chic lit, or even, i'm not kidding you - in toilets. keeps your handbag safe right by your side, and keeps it off the dirty floor. chic invention, i must say!

how it works?
these stylish and exquisite mini handbag hooks from My Handbag Hook are suitable for all types of handbags. simply attach the round medallion to the edge of a table or counter top and the slip-resistant cushioned pad on the hooks will hold your handbag securely! simple and easy! lookie:

and how did these handbag hooks see the light of day in our local markets? you've gotta thank Nurul Yaqin aka Pr3ttych3rry:
it started end of 2008 when i saw it on E channel and was really determined to get one! couldn't find it anywhere online (that delivers to Malaysia) or if i do, it was really ridiculously expensive or it wasn't nice enough! until, i stumble upon a website which sells the kind that i wanted (the folding version), with gorgeous designs, but they only sells in bulk and the minimum order is 300 pcs. so i bought it, and started selling it. within 6 weeks, its ALL sold out! since there were still demand for it, i bought a few hundreds more and aim to reach every girl in malaysia. after a year, i have sold more than 1000pcs and have shipped it all the way to UK, Puerto Rico and NZ.

really pretty designs in floral patterns and 3D mini cupcakes!

Pr3ttych3rry: i own the blogshop mainly but my sister help me when she is on holiday/ not in college... actually i pay her to help me. =S

stranded on an island, Pr3ttych3rry will have these 5 items in her handbag (and ofcors, she'll have to do without the handbag hooks as there's be no tables!)

tough one... provided that the island have electricity and phone/broadband coverage =P, i am good with...
1. my loyal sony erricson phone
2. my netbook which i call pinkcherry because it's pink in colour =P
3. tonnes of choc chip cookies... cos it will definitely calm me down
4. coffee... good ones!
5. and ofcors, my broadband
seriously no kidding, i can live on these 5 for a very looooong time. sounds just heavenly on a stranded island! tee-hee!

miss doodle: why did you choose to sell handbag hooks of all other things?
Pr3ttych3rry: i really think that it is one small gadget that solve alot of problem! i really hate to put my bag on my lap while dining out. of cors, you could put it on the next chair but what if all chairs are occupied? and NO WAY i will just dump it on the floor. so i just hang it next to me! like i said, i aim to reach to every girl in malaysia, its the most chic accessory to have! you should have one too!
miss doodle: like omg... that's just so the problem i face with my huge-gigantic-oversized-can-fit-2-cats-inside bag!

check out these exquisite ones with a chain where you can double use these hook as a handbag decoration charm, and the snap-on clip one provides much convenience in just attaching it with your bunch of keys or bag!
miss doodle: do you have any funny/ weird/ amusing experiences running the blogshop?
Pr3ttych3rry: i do have fun doing this blogshop thingy. i dont really do it for the profit which is why i keep my prices fairly low. and some girls have never seen this handbaghook thingy, so i get alot of questions regarding how it works on glass/wood table or does it have a magnet and so on. there was one time, i got an order on late Friday evening, the buyer wanted to use the handbag hooks as doorgifts for a dinner on Sunday night. i said i'm sorry as i was thinking there was no way i can help her - i was based in kuantan that time. if she was in KL, i have a friend who keep a few pieces of each design, but she's located in JB =S . she really insist that she needed the hooks, so she asked me to send it by bus express! *jawdropped*! i have never done that, and her order was more than RM600 worth (about 20 pcs). i send it anyway and pray so badly it will arrive safely. LUCKILY it did!

miss doodle: what is your price range?
Pr3ttych3rry: our handbag hooks is the cheapest in town starting from only RM15 for our classic pattern collection, and up to RM35 for our exclusive flower collections. business card holder and compact mirrors are RM25 and RM20 respectively.

business card holder + compact mirror set

really beautiful with a touch of classiness for these floral-shaped ones detailed with round diamonds!

miss doodle: what can we expect from your shop in the near future?
Pr3ttych3rry: we aim to get a few more exciting and gorgeous designs of handbags hooks in the next few months

if mua, the fashionably-wannabe miss doodle can't convince you to invest a little on such a chic and practical necessity, read it from the Star -

article #1 : never out of sight *click*
article #2 : killer handbags *click*

ok. if that still can't convince you enough, open your eyes big big and read this -

buy any 1-4pcs at normal price + normal postage
buy any 5-9pcs at sale price + free postage
buy any 10pcs and above at wholesale price + free postage
while stocks last!

no excuse now! hurry hurry hurry!

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