Friday, February 11, 2011

Miss Doodle meets the Lollypupu Angel!

Miss Doodle meets the Lollypupu Angel!
and if you're wondering why the tutu dress - i have to look cute! cus Lollypupu is cute like this! matching angel's wings!

and as for the one who holds the magic wand behind Lollypupu, will be ofcors, none other than Miss Lollypupu. from blogshop interface, banners & design to stocks selection & photography, you've gotta imagine how talented and creative she can be.

the 3 random facts about Miss Lollypupu -
1. i used to be left-handed, but my dad made me go through some writing boot-camp and trained me to write and draw with my right, so now i'm right-handed
2. i can't sleep with my cupboard open. i must close it.
3. i hyperventilate when i see arty and crafty stuff!

LOL! i can imagine the hyperventilate part! because i would to! if you still have no idea what in the world Lollypupu does, let me enlighten you -

all these korean stickers are like... so adorable OMG! escpecially for scrapbookers and crafters, you've gotta grab these. or, stick it on your mirror, your table, your books, your employment letters, your car dashboard, or your cousin's forehead!!!

stamping sets for just RM27 with 12 cute little stamps in a set!

stick-it pad redefined! your notes won't get any cooler than this. i love the vintage dolls one! ok if i were to grab them, it's gonna be a prick on my neck every single time i gotta use it, cus it's SO cute, it's gonna be painful everytime i had to peel a sheet off!

see... this is exactly what Lollypupu does to you. torturing you with the temptations of bagging all these uber cute stuff home. especially for someone like me who is a sucker for crafty stuffs and stationaries, it's like suicide visiting their site la!

miss doodle: so tell me when you started this blogshop (which i believe is a conspiracy in attacking one's weakest point on cute stationaries)!
Miss Lollypupu: haha! like i mentioned, i hyperventilate when i see anything arty and crafty. as a result, it burns big holes in my poor, poor wallet. and oh, i'm a major hoarder as well! so i thought, why not share the love and make some money out of my passion (and all my findings)!

uh .... guilty as charged. i bought these and it just arrived hot off the oven today! -

here's my shopping experience with Lollypupu (do note that Miss Lollypupu have not a single idea that i'm Miss Doodle, i made my purchase with just like any normal customer. i like to do that 'cus i'll be able to really tell who are the good sellers! there's bias stories on sellers being extra-good to reviewers but not to buyers, u know ... :X )

service: excellent! there were a delay hiccup (it was delayed for 2 weeks from initial delivery date) on the masking sticker set as it was previously pre-order item. but Miss Lollypupu scored amazingly in assurance of trust, communicating on the status regularly. never failed to provide a sincere apology and reason. when the items are finally here, she even gave me a free gift as a token of apology for the delay.

quality of products: superb and oozing out with cuteness! 100% same same as pictures!

Miss Lollypupu: i don't know if i should be happy or whatnot when you revealed yourself as miss doodle! i was shocked! anyhow, ofcors, im drop-dead relieve to know that i've provided good service regardless lol!

miss doodle: gotta love all your stuff! where'd you get these lovely stocks from?
Miss Lollypupu: mix suppliers from china, US, and mostly korea. they're all imported, so our stocks are not easily obtained in the local market.

and this is probably the coolest item in Lollypupu:

finger stickies with faces that you can draw on to suit your mood. 10 different designs with a total of 200 sheets for on RM15! don't need to go to the boring old bookstore t buy those boring old stick-it notes anymore la. it's boring! grab these finger stickies with face la!

miss doodle: what can we expect from Lollypupu in the near future?
Miss Lollypupu: more stickers, more memo pads, more cuteness, more awesomeness! hehe... ! i definitely hope be able to do customized and self designed stationaries. and also, i hope the craft and art community will continue growing, and open a wider market for a wider craft and art product range. :)

ready to have your heart melted with Lollypupu's so cute can die stationaries and craft supplies?

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