Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miss Doodle meets Miss Little White Crane!

miss doodle and

and well, more than just a cute yellow little birdie, the Little White Crane brings you happiness, joy, and most important of all, pretty dresses at an affordable price, providing you a daily fashion fix!

and Miss Little White Crane, is a gal who loves arts, fashion and photography - the official keeper who does all the housekeeping from purchasing, taking pic and updates!

on the inspiration behind Little White Crane:
sharing my passion for fashion starting from an online blogshop, Little White Crane is a blessing symbol, pure and gentle. i hope for more supports to realize my dream of owning a real fashion boutique.

miss doodle's personal opinion on Little White Crane? i will call it - "everyday-affair-with-a-flair"! casual enough clothes for everyday occasions, but with upgraded touches of elegance and style!

check out this gorgeous kimono dress! beautiful drapes and batwing sleeves, that i reckon will surely give a really flattering cutting on your bodyshape! and on the right, that's what i'm wearing in the polaroid snap! *drools*!!!

stripes, but with a unique touch on both design! love the cute stripe bow on the shoulder!

miss doodle: do you have any funny/ random/ weird/ amusing experiences in running Little White Crane?
Miss Little White Crane: knowing that a supportive friend who buys regularly from my shop, using the same address but different names (secret admirer) :D
miss doodle: *LOL*

miss doodle: what is The Little White Crane's unique selling point, and how do you stand out from your competitors alike?
Miss Little White Crane: The Little White Crane sources our stocks from overseas, importing pretty and unique dresses that are different from the local market, and all apparels are handpicked. to ensure exclusiveness of our items, we only import 1 piece per design.

that, i will have to agree! didn't i tell you - that their clothes are up a notch from the usual local ones!? here is one of my favorite pick -

check out the bubble dress! the silver side-horizontal stripe one - so cool la ok!? and the white dress on the right with black squared lines and patches of squared colors - quirky!

sweet pink-purple floral print in tube dress with a tie-back ribbon, and a pretty quaint looking country-like little blossoming flowers with white buttons and belt. little details, but great accentuations!

miss doodle: what's your price range?
Miss Little White Crane: from RM35 to RM65

and now you know, that those really pretty with notches up quality clothes above, all will only cost you anywhere from RM35 to RM65 (super good deal, can!?)!! and if you purchase any 3 items or above, you get FREE postage! *within malaysia.

not enough?

they are having a sale going on! price slash and FREE pos ekpress on selected items! what else you want more lah? click click click there already la! nao!!!!

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