Friday, February 11, 2011

Snapped! Miss Doodle's 5 valentine's must-have!

valentine's day must #1 - smell good!

Perfumeberry is just the right stop for this! specializing from branded miniatures to giftsets, they have a huge selection of mini perfume vials (and i really mean HUGE selection) for just RM10 for 1 pc, or RM75 for 10pc! and here's their footnote for these babies - "grab cepat sebab vials ni cepat habis"!!!

valentine's day must #2 - all sweet and lovely

what's a better color than soft pink for looking all demure and sweet? if you don't wanna overdo the all pink-bunny-hoo-haa, take a subtle approach and just add on hints of pastel pinks with these pretty accessories from Minibus. candy pink bangle and a lacquered sweet pink blooming flower earrings, how lovely!

valentine's day must #3 - bag it like you own it!

from Annasyue, very juicy couture inspired with the daring pink, the padlock and hints of gold. totally a statement bag for a 'look-at-me-night'! surely you'll be dressed to kill on a valentine's date, right? sure must grab a killer bag as well la!

valentine's day must #4 - nails that seduce!

any well-groomed girl would know the importance of a pair of well manicured and care-for of hands. and that includes your nails. head on over to Nail Fiesta cus you've gotta have your nails on red for the night and set the mood right! sexy baybehhh!!!

valentine's day must #5 - flawless skin!

skin79's prestige BB cream is the hots of the town! described as presenter of splendid beauty of jewel, the triple function BB cream promises premium skincare effects of jewel and peptide MX complexes that keep skin looking smooth and bright. in layman terms, it's all foundation, concealer, moisturizer, contains SPF and offers key ingredients that we all look for in makeup and skin care! retailing for RM99, Whimsical needs is only selling it at RM78! *steal*!

geared for valentine's day now, girls? ^_^

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