Wednesday, July 14, 2010

matching mismatches

today is just like any normal day... and ppl dressing just normally to work... talking just normally... strolling by just normally. so it got me thinking, that living in a normal day don't necessary have to be "normal", if you get what i mean. it kinda spark an inspiration for me to "look normal", but not so "normal"... if im making any sense to you haha.

a basic top with generous layers of random frills, perfect for a flattering asymmetrical quirky cutting and comfort! check out the dual color leggings that zooms you in straight into the new era that surely is an attention getter! also, i'm drooling all over the one of a kind bowling bag with unique envelope prints - authentically artsy! and the ballerina flats - looks the same, but if you'll look closer, you'll be surprised that they're actually not! notice the rounded teddy-bear like ears and pink bunnies on one side, but a pointy kittie-cat like ears and white bunnies on the other? classily unique and the color is just so pretty! best of all, it goes bling bling with the sequins and beads and glittery silver!

now for the accessories. add a touch of femininity with these delicate handmade bracelets. what i love about them, are the colors! so fresh and striking yet subtly sexy! i can't decide which color is better, so i'll just wear the pink on one side, and the blue on the other! not to forget a matching pretty necklace as well, and i love that little angel wing!

and check out the dual tone head band! what else better to compliment the "mismatch" look ey? lastly, earrings! can't leave home without those cutesy a-pair-but-not-the-same studs! i guess you don't literally have to match everything to be matching!

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