Thursday, July 8, 2010


its all about being artful and knowing and too damn aware to care. that's electropop to me. and fashion mattered as just much as the music. so if you wanna go electro, experiment! there's no doubt that electropop has its own style, and an electro girl aims to be ironic, cool, kitschy, distant but very exhibitionist! so if you wanna go on bright colors, i'd say go all the way girl! the kitschy toga top carries the whole look with a little sexy hint on the shoulder drop. pair it with some tight neon leggings to avoid looking slouchy with all the color clash. then meet miss marc! the iconic weird looking girl from marc jacob - she'll get you noticed with that big print on a purple hobo bag. if the attention still isn't enough, grab that uber shiny electro blue dr.martens! the final touch - a green feather hairband! and don't forget - killer make up especially the eyeliners!

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