Friday, July 9, 2010


it's thank-god-it's-FRIDAY! i, miss doodle, declares friday as tank top day! because friday has got to declare it's freedomism, for the weekends. so, we wear tank tops. :P .... but ofcors, not just any tank tops. it has gotta at least be a stylish piece. so here we have this racer back tank top with little pink ladybug all over shouting "let's go friday picnic let's go friday picnic!" then, there's a bow shorts, plain but special! the ticky tock alarm clock necklace is just perfect as an accessory if you don't wanna have one of those wrist suntan strip on your hand during your sunny day out. lastly, check out 'em little happy pills hair clip! quirky and i like! happy chill pills for happy friday thrills! see, i made it rhyme!

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