Saturday, July 10, 2010

friday + frinight

me and girlfriends always have this "friday" and "frinight" dilemma. friday (in the day) is the chillax (chill + relax) mode, while frinight (in the night) is the club mode! and i'm sure u've been through that go-home-or-not-to-change thing 'cus if you don't, you'll be too dressed up for the day (in your clubbing outfit), or too dress down for the night (in your chillax outfit). miss doodle has since smarten up! here's a smokin' hot chili red tube dress for your night! to dress it down, just slip on a denim bolero so you have that rugged edge to balance the clubby formal dress u had on. and this one particularly, is one of my favorite piece cus you see that 'v' cutting at the end, super trimming effect on your body shape! accessorize with this quirky guitar watch necklace, a matching denim hairband and denim flats! lastly, a dash of funkiness with a graffiti motif bag! now all you need is to just change your denim flats to a pair of red killer heels during the night, and you're all set for the disco ball!

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