Sunday, July 11, 2010

pigging-out with the girls on saturday!

gonna be hanging out with my girls today! and we're going for some pig-out-fest! fyi, pig-out-fest, means we're gonna pig ourself out with food oh glorious food! we decided that we need that comfort food after a whole long week hard toiled life. but u know what depresses me most? (apart from that whole month of gym effort going down the drain), is the belly bump after my meal! so here's miss doodle's solution in how to look good even after pigging out! solution: an oversized flowy blouse! hides your after-meal tummy, and guarantees comfort for your girl's day out! what i love most, is its psychedelic blue prints and swirls! to keep the style looking edgy, (as oversized flowy blouse sometimes can make you age a little), pair it with a bitchin' black faux leather + mesh leggings! also, to avoid looking stumpy in a big, flowy blouse, get those heeled pumps on! check this one out with psychedelic tie-dye colors to match the top! now, with your top and shoes screaming for attention, balance it with a small, dainty but stylish bag, and i'm loving this mini black bucket bag that does just the trick! lastly, accessorize! vintage looking swirls for earrings, and a long locket necklace with a matching blue flower!

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